Access Statement for The Station Guest House, Brixham


We are a family run Guesthouse situated on the outskirts of Brixham and surrounded by country side. The building was built in the mid 19th Century and although we aim to meet the needs of all our guests the age of the property and its layout will make access difficult for some of our guests who have limited mobility. We are a detached property situated on higher ground with a steep driveway to the car park and three wide steps from the car park to the front of the property.

All of our guestrooms are on the first floor which is accessed by a large wide staircase which has 17 steps; as a result of this our guesthouse is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with very limited mobility.


There is a number 12 bus service on the main road in front of the property, which runs every 10 minutes and goes to Brixham, Paignton and Torquay. The nearest main train station is in Paignton and about 10 minutes away by car or half hour by bus. The local taxi service is very efficient and their number is available on request. 

The nearest town is Brixham which is a half hour or a 5 to 10 minute bus or car journey. 

The nearest shop mobility scheme is in Brixham and their contact number is 01803 858 304.

Our brochure can be sent out in larger print if required . We regret we do not have facilities to prepare documents in braille. 

Our website provides further information about our services and facilities and also pictures of our accommodation.

You can contact us by telephone or email.  

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities We have a tarmac car park with one parking space for every room. Please be considerate when parking as the bays were painted when cars were a tad smaller.

If you require assistance from your car to the entrance please call us on 01803 842 381 from your mobile and we will be delighted to come out and assist you.

From the car park the property is accessed by 3 steps which are 20cm high and 50cm deep. From the top of the steps there is a flat walk of 8 metres around the right side of the building to the main entrance. There is a small step of 17cm high up to the front door. 

Main Entrance and Reception

From the front door into the entrance hall there is a small step of 9cm over the door frame which is 90cm wide into a carpeted entrance hall which is 2.6 metres wide and well lit 24 hours a day.

The front door is always closed so please ring the bell which is on the left of the front door and at a height of 1.4 metres.

Assistance is always provided with luggage but please ask if any further assistance is required.

Upon arrival guests shown where the dining room and lounge bar is and then to their room where all facilities will be explained. We will require you to fill in a registration card at your earliest convenience.

The entire ground floor of the property is level with the smallest door way being 70cm wide. From the entrance hall you turn left into a small hall area and the stairs are straight in front of you with the door frame into the dining room and lounge to your right

If at any point during your stay you require any assistance please ring the bell in the entrance hall which is on the right wall. Someone will shortly arrive to see you. 

Public Areas- Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

To access the bedrooms there are 17 wide steps which are an average of 20cm wide and 27cm deep. The stairs go straight up to the 7th step then turn to the left and continue straight up to a large flat landing. 

There is a wooden hand rail on the left all the way up the stairs and the entire property is carpeted throughout.

All the bedrooms are on the first floor with rooms 1-5 all on the same level and with room 6-8 on a slightly lower level with 2 steps which are 20cm deep to access them.

The hallways on the first floor are 80cm wide at the narrowest point and well lit with ceiling lights. 

On the ground floor there are gents and ladies toilets both of which have door frames 60cm wide.

Public Areas – Sitting Room, Lounges, Lobbies etc

The lounge/bar is accessed through the door directly to your left as you enter the dining room and the width of this frame is 79cm. once in the lounge the bar is to your left and various seating are to your right. As you approach the bar there is a bell on the far right side which if no one is around to help you, you can push for assistance.

Public WCs

The ladies toilet is situated in the dining room and is directly in front of you as you enter the room. The doorway is 66cm wide. The toilet has a toilet and hand sink inside; the light switch is on your right as you open the door.

The gents toilet is through the bar and is accessed by going through the glass panel door directly opposite you as you enter the bar and then the toilet door is to your right and is 66cm wide. This has a sink and toilet and the light switch is on the right side wall before you enter the room.

Restaurant, Dining Room, Bar and Bar Area

Breakfast is served in our dining room from 7:30-9:30 every day and this room is directly in front of you if coming down the stairs or through the doorway on the right is entering from the entrance hall. This door is 73cm wide. We do not require you to pre-order breakfast but we would apprciate it if you advise what time you’d like breakfast, this is to minimise any delays in preparing your freshly cooked breakfast.

The tables in the dining room are 74cm high and are spread out throughout the dining room at different angles. 

Chairs in the dining room are 44cm high with no arms but firm backs. 

The dresser in the dining room which has cereals fruit and juices on it is situated to the right of the door to the dining room.

If a copy of the menu is required in larger print please advise us in advance.

Local Attractions

We stock numerous leaflets for local attractions and services in the area and these can be found in the bedside drawers. 

Grounds and Gardens

Guests are welcome to use the front patio with the comfortable garden chairs for drink or even picnic, we are happy to provide plates and cutlery.

If the weather is nice enough we can also serve breakfast outside.

The main garden to the rear is reserved as private and our two large dogs often play there, we ask you not to go through the gates.

Additional Information

Full fire evacuation procedures are on the back of the door in every bedroom, in the welcome books in the rooms and situated around the hotel at various points.

No smoking is permitted within the property but can take place within the grounds. 

Wireless internet is available .

We can store any medication that requires refrigeration and the same for any special dietary requirements.


Ms Pauline Cruz & Mr Steve Price
The Station Guest House,
Dartmouth Road,
Churston Ferrers,

Telephone: 01803 842 381

Emergency Number: the local Doctors is in Galmpton and the number is 01803 855 897 .

We welcome any feedback to help us continually improve. If you have any comments please phone 01803 842 381 or email i[email protected]